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    Sims Biography

    Sims grew up in Minnesota, an active part of the busy and fiercely independent Minneapolis hip-­‐hop scene. In high school, he made friends with the classmates that would eventually become his cohorts in Doomtree—the seven-­‐member rap collective now responsible for some of this era’s most interesting, genre-­‐defying releases. Over the past decade Sims has released a host of projects, both as a solo artist (Lights Out Paris, Bad Time Zoo, Wild Life EP, Field Notes) and as a member of Doomtree (No Kings, All Hands, and many others.) He’s toured the world from Pittsburgh to Prague, playing festivals like Glastonbury, Riot Fest, and SXSW. He’s earned and re-­‐earned his reputation as a thoughtful artist with an unstoppable live show. (When he calls “both hands up-­‐-­‐now both feet up” rooms around the world have felt their floorboards flex as the entire crowd goes airborne.)

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