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    Sinitta Biography

    Sinitta Renet Malone was born on the 19th of October, 1966 in Washington DC/USA. She is the daughter of singer Miquel Brown. Young Sinitta already starred in the movie "Shock Treatment" in 1981 and sung in the musical "Cats" in 1983. Her first record "Never too late" was mixed by Jellybean (Madonna, E.G.Daily). Further singles like "So Macho", Cruising" and "Feels like the first time" were major club hits. She was one of the first artists of the Stock/Aitken/Watwerman producer team and hit the European Top Ten with "Toy boy", "Cross my broken heart", "G.T.O." and "Right back where we started from". When the 90s came, the fame of SAW declined, and Sinitta went back to musicals and movies. She is also still recording.

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