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SOMA SONIC is the brainchild of producers/songwriters (and brothers) France and Dom (Francois and Dominic Paterson). The duo have been working together for the past three years with SOMA SONIC being released on their own SUBSONIC RECORDINGS label. Their debut album FUTURE features their own unique brand of laidback, down-tempo grooves with all of the material being written, produced, engineered and mixed by France and Dom at their own Subsonic studio.

Between 1993-95, Dom was involved in the electronic outfit ADSR which was signed to Cargo Records out of Montreal, Canada.

ADSR released two albums, Accelerated Emotions and Primary as well as a number of twelve inches and remixes which have been released both domestically and internationally.

During this period France managed ADSR from New York City where he had been based since 1990 working as a fashion stylist/art director in fashion, music, and advertising. In 1996 they teamed up to work on music together full time with SOMA SONIC being the result.

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