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SONICFLOOd...the name has become synonymous with the onset of the youth-oriented praise and worship movement in the United States. In the past two years they have had #1 songs, reader's choice awards, a Dove Award winning RIAA certified gold record (over 500,000 units sold), and a recent GRAMMY™ nomination. With accolades such as this, how does one even begin to follow up a debut project with such acclaim? There is only one way: one must 'resonate' or echo the heart of God. album that is a multi-dimensional worship experience, continues SONICFLOOd's mission to remain true to their calling, "Create music that will usher people into the presence of God." SONICFLOOd's sophomore release does just that with music that rivals any pop-rock band on the charts today. Once again combining traditional worship choruses boasting a hard-edged flair and some new songs penned by the members of SONICFLOOd. RESONATE encourages the listener to live in a deeper relationship with the Creator of the Universe and to mirror His light in this dark world.

The title cut of the album, an original, also serves as the first single and is a 'shout from the mountain top' call to worship. "Resonate" was written by Rick Heil and long time worship leader Jason Ingram. "Lord Over All" is a 'crank it up' praise anthem by Gary Sadler. The driving rock melody of "Write Your Name Upon My Heart" was written by Rick and bass player Tom Michael and leads the listener to a place of surrender. The youth worship classic "You Are The Holy One," which originated with the "Acquire The Fire" conferences, is given a fresh, edgy beat that you would expect to hear on any pop radio station. Clearly the song that bears the most vulnerability is the raw "Dear Lord" penned by Heil in the midst of his struggle with a chronic digestive illness, Crohn's disease, that he was diagnosed with as a child. Even while surrounded with pain and confusion, the song continues to glorify God for being faithful in the midst of it all.

It is this attitude of praise and of trust that is a prevalent theme throughout the album and within the band members' lives. Perhaps this unity of spirit is what can be attributed to the unity between the members of SONICFLOOd. A unity that permeates their performance, their interaction with fans and even daily life on and off the road. Tom Michael (bass), Todd Shay (guitar), and Brett Vargason (drums) have been playing together since their college days in Michigan. David Alan (keyboards) and Rick first met as members of the rock band Big Tent Revival in 1997. This history, along with an agreement in what SONICFLOOd is called to, lay the groundwork for leading others in worship at concert appearances.

Concert appearances are an integral part of understanding what SONICFLOOd is all about. This fall, SONICFLOOd embarked on a 35-city US Resonate Tour following up their Sonicpraise Tour of last year. While the heart of the band remains to create an atmosphere of worship for anyone who comes within listening distance of their music, it is most important that at concerts the audience members are not just spectators, but are actual participants with the band in an evening of worship.

Whether on stage, on the bus or at home with their families, the members of SONICFLOOd are the real deal. All are active members of local church congregations and walk out the lives that they sing about, lives of worship. It is this, along with the stellar music and song selection, which will make the new album a useful tool for worship as we lift up Jesus 24/7 and 'resonate' God's glory!

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