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Soul Hooligan's Music Like Dirt is a lo-fi, red-eyed rumble of sweet beats, fractured urban blues and off-kilter, no-filter hip-hop. It's a wildly varied record given cohesion by neat lines, short tunes, heart-tugging hooks, and the kindly spectre of Stax. The band--Austin, Jim and Dave Jay--met many years ago in Brentwood, Essex… a trio of musical obsessives working in the half-light of London's break beat scene. Each brings very different talents to the table. There's a rough and ready, palpable soul to this idiosyncratic mix of Badly Drawn Boy, Fatboy Slim, Portishead, Jimmy Radcliffe and Buffalo Springfield. "The first thing we did was all soul music , but chopped up--being abusive as possible to things that shouldn't have been abused," smiles Austin. Basically, Music Like Dirt exists in its own world. The fact that it's emotional and musically complex, not to mention ambiguous, makes it impossible to categorize. "'Soul Searching,'" says Dave, "is probably the only totally bleak one on the album." But even Jim, whose sandpaper vocals guide us through that dark night, disagrees. "The track," he says, "has a redemptive edge. Sometimes you sit there and think you've nothing inside, nothing to give, and then you come out with what I'd call a classic. I love that tune." Music Like Dirt can hardly be considered typical pop fare. What it is, however, is a collection of idiosyncratic pop tunes shot through with soul and dripping in character.

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