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Soulkid#1 is a Los Angeles-based group fronted by Canadian-born singer/songwriter Marc Godfrey. Originally formed in 2001, the band played only seven live shows before Dreamworks Records came courting. After a whirlwind signing, the band spent a year in the studio crafting their debut album, Americanized. But the honeymoon didn’t last long, with the label and the band at creative odds, constantly butting heads during the process. When the band emerged from the studio in 2003 to deliver Americanized, Dreamworks was in the midst of a takeover by Interscope Records and was no longer interested in the project. When all was said and done, Dreamworks offered Soulkid#1 a choice of giving up the record and keeping the six figure advance or keeping the record and nothing else. Soulkid#1 negotiated for the full rights to the album and walked away with the record and their integrity intact.

In the world of major labels, the story would usually end there. But prior to signing with Dreamworks, Godfrey declared half-jokingly to one of the A&R staff that they could take the song "(More Bounce In) California", lock it in a safe and bury in their back yard and it would still be a hit! This cocky statement has proven prophetic. Shortly after the band left Dreamworks, the song found its way onto the soundtracks for Legally Blonde 2 and Win a Date With Tadd Hamilton. Ironically, back at Dreamworks, one of the label bosses noted that Soulkid#1 was pretty good and that they should sign them, not realizing that the band had just left the label. Soulkid#1 charged a tidy sum to license “(More Bounce In) California” back to the company that had previously owned the rights to his entire album! As if on cue, “(More Bounce In) California” was featured on the hit FOX Television program The O.C. and simultaneously become one of the most popular songs featured on Season One of MTV's Laguna Beach. The wheels were in motion for a true independent success story and another misstep by the consolidation-happy major labels.

In summer of 2005, Soulkid#1 released the single “(More Bounce In) California” independently via iTunes: it debuted in the top 200. Since then, has sold almost 100,000 downloads worldwide. The tune has become an unofficial anthem for the Sunshine State, and can be heard blasting from the stereos of the cars sitting on the L.A. freeways, in trendy Beverly Hills boutiques, at celeb-studded Hollywood parties and velvet rope clubs, echoing through Chavez Ravine during Dodger games and pumping up the Charger fans in San Diego. A 2006 digital-only remix of "(More Bounce In) California" is the second most downloaded song off Interscope's Summer Can Last Forever soundtrack to Laguna Beach - beating out even Hillary Duff’s performance of the show’s theme!

In February 2007, Soulkid#1 will release a redux full-length version of Americanized on their own Secret Agent Records, with national distribution via Organic/Fontana, the indie wing of the Universal Group. Mixed by Michael Pattterson (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beck) and mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner (Dr. Dre, Eminem), Americanized is a genre-defying mix of West Coast hip-hop, soulful R&B, 70’s glam, indie rock, Brit-pop and even classic mod (when they opened up for Ex-Jam frontman Paul Weller, he was so enthralled by the group that he wanted them to replace his East Coast opening act!) Besides the deeply tongue in cheek pop anthem "(More Bounce In) California", standout tracks include the Bowie-esque “It’s Your Lifestyle, Baby,” the sly and catchy rocker “Ghetto Fabulous,” the ethereal instrumental title track, the sinewy throb of “Some Kind Of Wonderful Drug” and the gritty anti-military anthem “Killing Machine.” A collection of tales of the City of Angels as seen through Godfrey’s curious and sardonic Canadian eyes, Americanized takes the listener on an aural trip from iconic Angeleno haunts like Spaceland, all the way to the Westside, down to Pico and Union and back again.

Soulkid#1 is Marc Godfrey on lead vocals and guitar, Pete Mills on bass, Donal Finn on guitar and Ryan Yerdon on drums. Live, the band includes several female back up singers giving their performances a glamsoul revue feel.

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