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SOULIDIUM is a group representative of the new technological age. Having formed on MySpace, the band members, Michael McKnight (Vocals), AJ Maldonado (Guitar), Eric "Monsieur" Beausoleil (Guitar), Jake Jaden (Bass), and Danny Cayocca (Drums), are bringing to life not just a band, but a whole new movement of rock. The dark overtones, eccentric rock videos, gothic art and strong presence that SOULIDIUM brings make for an addicting journey of sight and sound.

As conceptualized by charismatic Singer/Songwriter/Producer Michael McKnight at the end of 2005, SOULIDIUM was to be a project to prove to himself that he could put together and nurture a world class rock band. Michael, an excellent upcoming songwriter & producer, had gained the reputation of being able to write songs that listeners said stuck in your head 'til you screamed.

McKnight, who had at that time discovered MySpace, opened an account and posted a classified ad for all band positions hoping to find the right players to form this dream band. But what would be the right chemistry to give birth to such a band? Michael knew that if he were to succeed, it would be not only because of the excellence of the music, but also because of the artistic bond that they would nurture among themselves. He set out to build a band of brothers who would flow together as soul mates of the stage, and found his critical second missing link, Guitarist AJ Maldonado.

Maldonado, born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, had come to the US several years prior with his family from Colombia to seek the American dream and Maldonado's heart dreamed only in terms of pure rock. AJ, who had played in a previous band with friend and Canadian Guitarist Eric Beausoleil, convinced Michael that he should give Eric a chance, but McKnight's concept called only for a single guitarist. However, after meeting Eric and hearing for himself what Eric and AJ could accomplish together, it was clear that this global tag team could not be separated.

For the next several months the three would go through a nightmare of trying to fill the last open band slots with the right kind of musicians while at the same time, composing some of the best work that they had ever done. The chemistry between the three was incredibly strong, but South Florida was not known for its array of rock talent, and a string of hiring’s and firing’s of the wrong musicians for the band left the three beyond frustrated. After months of working together, with no luck, the members decided to use MySpace classifieds in other states outside of Florida to seek drummers willing to relocate.

Their search was answered by Danny Cayocca of Springfield, Missouri, a star drum line instructor who could play like a rock star. After one listen to the demo he emailed, the band knew that they had to have him. Danny loved SOULIDIUM's music, and decided that a major roll of the dice was in order. After working out a few details, Danny, at 20 years old, left home for the first time ever, and drove to Miami to move in with Michael and Eric who were sharing an apartment together in Miami Beach.

Four months after Danny's arrival, the band was facing homelessness and disaster due to a string of unexpected blows. Financial problems had forced the band to hit rock bottom. In desperation the band decided to sell all of their cars, but one, and use the money to move their equipment to Danny's hometown of Springfield where they would begin touring, and developing a following with the new album's worth of material they had developed.

During the last few weeks SOULIDIUM would spend in South Florida, their long lost missing bassist would finally arrive. After visiting them several times at their warehouse as a spectator, the band discovered that Jake Jaden, as a guitarist, had great skills. But what SOULIDIUM needed was a bass player, and not another guitarist. Jake insisted he was up to the challenge, but SOULIDIUM was moving. Jaden said he would move any distance to become a part of SOULIDIUM and because of his tenacious determination, McKnight gave Jaden a week to hone into his bass skills and see if he could really change his instrument in just a week.

While uncertain if Jake would succeed or not, the band remained hopeful. A band without a bassist just can't muster the kind of power the four were looking for. Jake secluded himself to his new instrument, and returned in just one week to blow the band away with his original bass lines. It was like he had played bass his whole life. From the very first moment the five of them played together, it rocked hard. The fact that Jake was a guitarist made his bass playing melodic, and flowing. The group was amazed, the mission was achieved and the circle of SOULIDIUM was at long last complete. After an exhausting road of persistence and endless drama, a now completed SOULIDIUM was finally ready to face the world.

Just a week later the boys of SOULIDIUM would be saved. It was miracle. SOULIDIUM found themselves not moving to Springfield, but instead, signed to ADA distributed KnightVision Music/Adrenaline Music Group and on their way to Long View Farms Studios to record for the next month and a half.

The appropriately named debut album Children Of Chaos, will be in-stores on June 19th on KnightVision/Adrenaline Music. Some of the standout tracks on the album include the first single "The Light", speaks of being rescued from the darkness of loneliness. McKnight comments, “When I wrote the lyrics, the one that stood out the most was the chorus "and now I see, I see the light, freed from the night, and I feel, I feel alive." I had been freed from a dark and lonely time in my life”. "Live Forever" is about breaking through to a new plane of existence; A new way of thinking outside of the box. "The Big Time" came together in a very hot rehearsal session fantasizing about every band’s dream of making it big. “The song jumped up on us and in just one pass, we wrote that song as if it was meant to be born that night all at once.” While "Waiting" takes on a very introspective view on life. “It’s a song that deals with the human emotion, and common struggle that we all share. In the end there is not a person who is not waiting, or wishing for something that is missing in their lives” says McKnight. With orchestral strings by GRAMMY® Award winning arranger Jeff Bova, "About You" make it evident that SOULIDIUM is indeed, a band on its way to carving out a name for themselves.

SOULIDIUM does not disappoint live. Their powerful live show keeps up with the album and beyond, bringing artistic elements to its live performances that make it a multi-textured journey experience for all in attendance.

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