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    Playing over thirty instruments, Vinnie SPIT creates and records all his music himself. He employs the help of back-up singers Mistress Jacqueline and Chelsea Pfeiffer as well as the sophisticated harmonica stylings of Glen Doll. His live demeanor can best be described as a cross between a male stripper and a game show host. Mr. SPIT incorporates combinations of music, poetry, short stories, contests, choreographed dancing, audience participation, along with a variety of stage antics into what is now being called a Burlesque show for the millenium.

    Vinnie SPIT not only sings about the sexually free lifestyle, he lives it. He is married to the world famous Dominatrix, Mistress Jacqueline, and a has starred in over thirty-five fetish films. They have a real dungeon in their house and practice S/M play with other consenting adults.

    On record, his musical styles run the gamut. From beat steady industrial anthems to powerful cyber-punk jaunts to big band swing tunes to full-blown orchestral pieces, Vinnie SPIT displays an amazing flair for composition. His use of verbal soundbites from radio, television, and film mixed with his own dynamic vocals carriage the listener from serious reflection to hysterical laughter.

    His first vinyl release, "Road Pizza", hit #32 in England on John Peel's Top 50 for 1988. His LP, "You Would if You Loved Me", was nominated for best LP for 1989 by WMMR radio in Philadelphia and Big Shout Magazine. He was proclaimed a local hero by The University of Delaware newspaper and has charted on almost every college station in the country.

    This year Vinnie SPIT releases his fourteenth record in fifteen years titled, "America's Sweetheart". This CD is an excellent showcase of Vinnie SPIT's abilities. However, instead of storing this album with the rest of your CD's, you'll probably hide it under your mattress with the rest of your porno.

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