Spitvalves Biography

Back in 1993, when the band was first put together, the original line up was supposed to be:

Charlie-drums, Tito-trumpet and vocals, Jason-guitar, Shawn-bass, Bill-trombone, Freddy-trombone. It never happened. At the first practice, true to form today, everybody was late and someone forgot something. In this case Tito forgot his trumpet and decided to

play drums for the day and have charlie sing. Well it stuck, and from there on Tito stayed on the drums and Charlie kept singing. At that same time the Spitvalves weren't even the Spitvalves yet. Names like "Ed's Beans" and "Darlene's Biscuits" were being thrown around for the band. hmmm...no. So one day at a practice, the horn players were emptying out their spitvalves and Jason asked them what they were doing. You can pretty much figure it out from there. The name seemed too perfect and it stuck.

Since then members have come and gone, but with the current line-up we've been working our butts off. They have been booking our own tours, doing our own merchandise, putting out our CD's on own label with the help of very good friends - without whom a lot things wouldn't be possible for us. The current line up of the band is Charlie-vocals, Tito-drums, Bill-trombone, Chris-saxophone, Lance-bass, Mikey-guitar, Ricky-trumpet. We have played shows with many known bands such as the Bosstones, The Slackers, Mu330,Link80, rancid,h20,orange 9mm, union 13 and many many more. They have had the honor of playing the festival called the Warped Tour twice.

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