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Stereophonics formed in Cwmaman, south Wales in 1996. They immediately marked themselves out as songwriters of distinction. Language. Sex. Violence. Other? might be their fifth album, but it has the enthusiasm of a debut record. Stereophonics have toured the globe and sold in excess of 7 million records.

Bassist, Richard Jones, took time out of their busy tour schedule to make a mixtape for ARTISTdirect!

1. The Dead 60s - " You're Not the Law"
"This is an excellent track and a band to look out for!"

2. Kings Of Leon – "The Bucket"
“The intro does it all for me, it’s one to wake you in the morning! The album was very instant and perhaps was my Album of 04'.”

3. Athlete - "Wires"
"This is a really good strong song and Athlete are one of my favourite bands around at the moment!"

4. Super Furry Animals - "Hello Sunshine"
"This song never fails to make me feel good. They’re one of the best bands around!"

5. Massive Attack - "Teardrop"
" It’s a very hypnotic infectious song and I couldn’t get it out of my head for ages. "

> 6. Franz Ferdinand - "Auf Achse"
"This song has a really good vibe, reminds me of the good parts of the 80’s (there weren’t that many!)"

7. Goldfrapp - "Train"
"A good angle on the T’ Rex riff, video looks good and sounds good!"

8. Ian Brown – “F.E.A.R.”
"This song has a good play on lyrics, the way that every word in the verses starts with F.E.A.R."

9. Scissor Sisters - "Take Your Mama"
"This really gets you in a good mood and it’s a really good album."

10. The Strokes - "Reptilia"
"We got to see them play in Japan and they’re a really good band and we had a laugh with them! "

11. The Clash - "I Fought The Law"
"This is a track which reminds me of being a kid. My brother used to play The Clash/Pistols/Sham 69 all the time, and it's rubbed off on me."

12. Air – “Femme d'Argent”
"One of the best sounding albums of the last 10 years.”

Stereophonics Bio from Discogs

Rock band from Cwmaman, South Wales, formed 1992.

The Band:

Kelly Jones - Singing, Guitars & Piano

Richard Jones - Bass

Javier Weyler - Drums

Adam Zindani - Guitar, Singing

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