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Steve Miller Biography

American lead-guitarist, singer and songwriter (born 5th October 1943, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA). Godson of guitar legend Les Paul, Miller's distinctive blues guitar skills emerged in the psychedelic 1960's and spilled into the mainstream of popular rock in the 1970s.

Miller's middle name is used for production company Haworth Enterprises. He is also a founder of Space Cowboy Records.

Steve Miller (2) Alias Afterlife UK downtempo producer

Steve Miller (3) English blues & jazz keyboardist

Steve Miller (4) Recording engineer

Steve Miller (5) Australian musician, guitarist of Moodists

Steve Miller (7) Graphic designer and illustrator

Steve Miller (8) American hardcore guitarist, vocalist from Blight & The Fix (2)

Steve Miller (9) An audience recorder from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Steve Miller (10) American blues keyboardist

Steve Miller (12) Another American punk guitarist, vocalist in bands Crash Street Kids (2) & Electric Frankenstein

Steve Miller (14) Bassist with Harsh Reality (4) in 1969

Steve Miller (15) Credited as percussionist with Freakwincey in 1997

Steve Miller (16) Credited as bassist with Grinderswitch in 2004; who is not to be confused with Steve Miller (10) who has earlier credits with the same band

Steve Miller (18) Photographer for the metal label Displeased Records

Steve Miller (19) Photographer for ECM Records

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