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Even though their 2003 Maverick debut, Page Avenue, nearly went platinum, the St. Louis-bred alt-rock fivesome felt like that record didn't perfectly capture their sound. They always felt like they were a little heavier live, so they wanted to try and capture that sound on their new record, In the Wake of Determination. They succeeded...and are ready to be "the story of the year" again!

Dan Marsala (Vocals) took time out of his busy touring schedule to answer those burning questions you asked him!

1. Karie from St.louis MO asked:
At what age did you guys start to play?

DM: I got a guitar for Christmas when I was about 12. That was almost 13 years ago, but it took a couple of years before I could really play anything good.

2. Sara Monahan from Olathe, KS asked:
What are you musical influences? Who are some of your favorite bands?

DM: My real early influences were bands like Skid Row, Guns N' Roses, then later I was really into Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Then I started getting more into punk bands like Rancid, NOFX, Suicide Machines, Propaghandi, and then more harcore bands like Sick of It All, H2O, Snapcase, Hatebreed, and a million more.

3. Troy from San Diego, CA asked:
Your first album was more hardcore than your current sound. What influenced the change in sound?

DM: You obviously haven't heard all of the new record.

4. Alan from Brooklyn asked:
What was the best part about making this new record and were there any new musical influences?

DM: I think the best part of making this record was that we recorded most of it in Ryan's basement, so we got to hang out in Saint Louis while we recorded. We all have very different influences, but I don't think they've really changed at all. We just made sure to kick as much ass as we could.

5. Steven from Gibsonia, PA asked:
Give us a little inside scoop of what your next album will be like.

DM: A little heavier, a little faster, but still catchy. The same Story of the Year with a little more balls.

6. Renee from “Wherever You Are” asked:
What CDs are you currently listening to, and what up and coming band are you most interested in?

DM: The last five CDs I've bought are Suicide Machines - War Profiteering is Killing Us All, A Wilhelm Scream - Ruiner, Bane - The Note, Pennywise - The Fuse, Stretch Arm Strong - Free At Last. Some good up and coming bands are: Comeback Kid, Strike Anywhere, and A Wilhelm Scream.

7. Zach from Columbus, Ohio asked:
What is your favorite song to play live from Page Avenue, and which song do you like best from the new album?

DM: From Page Avenue, I would say either "In The Shadows" or "Falling Down", both really fun to play. And from the new album, I would say either “Meathead” or “Our Time Is Now.”

8. Jessica Holcomb from Cleveland, OH asked:
Do you guys find yourselves to have more energy when you play for your hometown shows verses other cities?

DM: Maybe a little bit just because we are usually excited to be home, but it really just depends on the crowd. If they are really into the show then we always have more energy.

9. Jennifer from Bedford, Oh asked:
When you were on the Warped Tour, which bands did you hang out with?

DM: This year we hung out with Saosin, Motion City Soundtrack, a little bit of Thrice and My Chem, and our friends in Monty and Loser's Luck.

10. Alexander Regelsberger from Rochester, NY asked:
If there was one day in the history of the band which you would want to re-live, what day would that be and why?

DM: The day that Godsmack's crew jumped us at a radio show, so I could have a video camera and a rocket launcher.

11. Jennifer from Ferndale, MI asked:
What has been the hardest obstacle, as a band, to overcome?

DM: Living with the same group of guys for months and months, and not seeing your home for years at a time.

12. Steve from Milford, NH asked:
What is your favorite part about being Story of the Year?

DM: Playing shows. I love playing music and to be able to do it in front of different people every night is an awesome feeling.

13. Joanne from Chicago asked:
What is your quote for young people to succeed like you did?

DM: F**k everyone. Do what you want to do. Don't ever give up on your dreams no matter what anyone says. It's your life, and you can choose your own path.

14. Danielle from St. Louis, MO asked:
What's the weirdest thing a fan has done or said to you? The funniest?

DM: There is a lot of weird ass people in this world and I guarantee that I've heard just about every odd thing you could think to say to me. I always think it's weird and funny when guys or girls ask you to sign their private parts, and it happens a lot.

15. Meg Wickler from Byron IL asked:
If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be?

DM: An oven so I could cook food and eat it at the same time. I like to eat.

Thanks to Dan for his time! Check out our next "Ask The Artist" feature with Sevendust!

Watch their new video for "We Don't Care Anymore" and check out their new album, In the Wake of Determination!

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