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Superlitio: A glimpse into the realm of 21st century world music. No language barriers, lyrically flowing from Spanish to English to French. A delightful mixture of Rock, Hip-Hop, Drum ‘n Bass, Jazz, Funk, Dub, Electronica and Latin grooves.

Between the months of May and June of 1996 an important musical movement took place in the bars and clubs throughout Cali, Colombia. Six local musicians consisting of diverse influences came together to create Superlitio, a band with a fresh and vibrant sound. Coming from previous bands and each an expert in their trade they found musical soul mates within one another. Jam sessions turned into songs that would evoke emotions and movement from audiences internationally. Numerous live shows resulted in a rapidly growing fan base that stretched beyond the boundaries of their hometown. The Colombian music scene welcomed the bands combination of rock, hip-hop, drum ‘n bass, jazz, electronica and funk with open arms.

After being together for only a year and a half, Superlitio released their first independent album, MARCIANA. The first single was sent into rotation internationally, being played everywhere from Colombia to Mexico and Miami. The band followed up the release by touring and winning numerous prominent music competitions throughout Colombia. That year concluded in Bogotá, successfully conquering the public, musicians and international press at the IV ANNUAL ROCK AL PARQUE FESTIVAL, before an estimated audience of over 100,000 patrons. Superlitio quickly became recognized as one of the most influential bands in the Colombian rock scene.

Riding high on the success of their past year, the six musical masterminds again headed to the studio to record their second independent release, EL SONIDO MOSTAZA in June of 1999. This album reached further internationally, receiving airplay in the U.S., Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador and set the stage for the bands next step- heading to North America.

In the year 2000, Superlitio attended the first annual Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) in New York, garnering great recognition within the music industry. The bands performance made a lasting impression on concert promoters, journalists, radio, television and dj’s in attendance. The buzz created at LAMC had begun to open the ears and minds of the US record labels.

When they returned from the US, Superlitio performed at the prestigious ROCK AL PARQUE FESTIVAL in Bogotá for the third year in a row, yet that year one thing was different. Superlitio were no longer supporters on the bill, they were invited to perform as the headliner to close the event. The band received a tremendous reception. Continuing on with their streak of accomplishments that year, Superlitio became a finalist of the SURCO / EL FOCO contest, competing with bands representing all of Latin America. They won this competition over 2,500 international submissions.

Deciding to build on the buzz generated during their trip to the US, the band headed to the States for a tour of 17 cities, including major markets such as New York, Los Angeles and San Diego. The results of which brought interest from numerous record labels and the band finally found a home with California based, Cielo Music Group, Inc. (CMG) and BMG.

Eager to get back in the studio and record their first US label release, Superlitio traveled to Los Angeles, CA and teamed up with noteworthy Argentinean Tweety González (Soda Stereo, Illya Kuryaki, Fito Paez, Acida) to produce “Tripping Tropicana.” There they recorded, mixed and mastered the album that will prove Superlitio is ready to reach the masses. Songs like “Que Vo’Hacer” mix Colombian Cumbia and smooth electronica with edgy rock guitars, “Perdoname” combines hip hop with a dash of Latin salsa to get you swinging, while “Mulata” brings sweet Latin disco funk specifically written for the “delicious mamacitas” at Superlitio shows. Whether the vocals are in English or Spanish, one can’t help but move along with the global fusion coming through the speakers. The music on “Tripping Tropicana” crosses borders so effortlessly but Superlitio never let you forget where they are from.

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