Supertramp Biography

Current Lineup:

Rick Davies – lead vocals, keyboards, harmonica

John Helliwell – keyboards, woodwind, backing vocals

Carl Verheyen – guitars, percussion, backing vocals

Cliff Hugo – bass

Bob Siebenberg – drums, percussion

Gabe Dixon – keyboards, tambourine, vocals

Lee Thornburg – keyboards, brass, backing vocals

Jesse Siebenberg – vocals, guitars, percussion

Classic Lineup:

Roger Hodgson: lead vocals, keyboards, guitars

Rick Davies: keyboards, vocals

John Helliwell: saxophones

Dougie Thomson: bass

Bob Siebenberg: drums

Rick Davies, John Helliwell and Bob Siebenberg are the only founding members remaining in the band to this day.

Roger Hodgson (who was primarily the one responsible for the band's success in the 1970s/1980s through his 'trademark' electric piano sound) left the band in 1983, which meant quite a turning point for the remaining members.

Finally, Rick Davies took over Hodgson's task of both band leader and lead vocalist, so that the band's history could continue.

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