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Sue Jeffers is a folk singing guitar playing woman from Kent, OH. Her catalog includes over 60

original songs, ranging from hardhitting political commentary and social satire to more personal tales

of life and love. She was subverted early on by the likes of Woody and Arlo Guthrie , Buffy

Sainte-Marie, Phil Ochs, Joan Baez. Some later influences have been the Indigo Girls, Billy Bragg

and Tracy Chapman.

Sue has performed from the jail cells of Cleveland to the beaches of San Diego and many points in

between. She has been a part of workshops at the Kent State Folk Festival several years and also

has showcased at the Philadelphia Music Conference. As a performer at the Kent State May 4th

1970 Commemorations she has shared the bill with Country Joe McDonald and Robert Lockwood

Jr.. Her appearances include 100's of rallies and benefits as well as more coffeehouse shows than

she cares to remember.

Sue has released 5 projects on her own label, FBI Records. Her latest effort, "One Man's Ceiling is

Just Another One's Door" will be available September, 1999. She is part of the Indiegrrl Vol. I

Compilation CD as well as the 1999 Musicians for Peace project thru

What others have said.....

....Sue Jeffers should remind us all of the true nature of folk music as a conduit for

self-expression, free speech and political activism

-the Incredibly Small Concert Hall

that sounds like some kind of *#/$? punk Bob Dylan

-some dude

Contact Info:

Sue Jeffers

(330) 676-9421

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