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An incredible singer/songwriter, Syleena's artistry will set the new standard in R&B music. The 24 year-old self-described "product of the radio" hails from the Chicago suburb of Harvey, IL. While heavily influenced by airwave staples Tina Turner and Chaka Khan, Syleena also credits her father, veteran bluesman Syl Johnson, with helping to shape the unique vocal sound that belies her age. A musical storyteller who transcends industry fads, Syleena's ability to deliver a sensual ballads and mid-tempo dance grooves is overwhelming in her electrifying live performances.

When brought to the attention of multi-platinum phenomenon and labelmate, R. Kelly, he immediately recognized Syleena's unbridled talent and penned the debut single "I Am Your Woman" specifically for her. His impeccable arrangement and production provide an ideal vehicle to establish Syleena's distinctive voice as the rightful heir to the airwaves. "I Am Your Woman" is just the first step in the emotional journey into passion, betrayal & redemption that is her debut album, Chapter 1: Love, Pain & Forgiveness.

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