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    T-Pain Biography

    From his tangled dreads and streetwise fashion sense to his breathtaking harmonies and insightful lyrics, T-Pain is not your usual R&B singer, and fans all over the world are starting to take notice. We asked this former rapper and Tallahassee, Florida native to answer a few questions from our users, and he was happy to oblige.

    1. Kay-P from Wolverhampton, England asked:
    Who inspired you to join the music industry and who were your childhood heroes?

    T-Pain: My Dad & Kevin The Caveman.

    2. Yaz from Edmonton E-Town asked:
    U look like a person that would be rapping. How do u feel singing and not rapping? Does it make u feel better when u sing?

    T-Pain: Yes...It's all music.

    3. Essence Daniels from Montgomery, Alabama asked:
    Was "I'm Sprung" wrote for someone special... if yes, who?

    T-Pain: Yes...my wife.

    4. Krystal Lewis from Chicago, IL asked:
    How long have you been in your marriage?

    T-Pain: Three Years.

    5. Deshawn Hardy from Detroit asked:
    Was that your wife in ya "I'm Sprung" video?

    T-Pain: No.

    6. AJ Benavides from Frankfort, KY asked:
    T-Pain, how long have you known Akon and are you two related?

    T-Pain: Two Years. No, we are not related.

    7. Terrell from NYC asked:
    Were you really in love wit a stripper?

    T-Pain: No...The song is about my friend's first experience at a strip club.

    8. Jennifer Whitaker from Warsaw, IN asked:
    Who are your favorite artists to listen to out there today?

    T-Pain: Andre 3000, Cee Lo, Devin Da Dude.

    9. Mya from Atlanta asked:
    Which female artist would u like to work with?

    T-Pain: Macy Gray, Tracy Chapman.

    10. Alexis from Tampa, Fl asked:
    What is your favorite sport?

    T-Pain: LOL....Strip Poker.

    11. Kesha from kinder asked:
    When will you be making a video for "In Love Wit a Stripper"?

    T-Pain: It's already done.

    12. Tee-Tee from Tallahassee asked:
    Do you ever plan on ever moving back to T-Town? (Tallahassee)

    T-Pain: Yes!

    T-Pain's album, Rappa Ternt Sanga, is available now in the ARTISTdirect Store.

    T-Pain Bio from Discogs

    Born: June 30, 1985, Tallahassee, Florida

    Rapper from Tallahassee, Florida. T-Pain is short for "Tallahassee Pain" which represents his struggle of growing up in the Florida state capital.

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