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With Tegan and Sara you can never really be sure what is going to come out of their mouths. Their first word as babies was a four letter one according to family legend, and since then the only thing that’s changed is that now people pay to hear what they have to say.

“My Day at Coachella”
by Tegan Quin

The day had finally arrived – we were headed to the Coachella festival in Indio, California. If our managers had really wanted us to get pumped up for our first experience playing in the desert, they should not have rented us a palace with a pool in Palm Springs. Somehow the pool seemed more enticing than a 12-hour day in the desert heat.

I woke up hot at 8am on May 1st. I don't really like the heat and more so I hate standing around in it. Everyone told us various horror stories before we got to Coachella: about how hot and dry it was going to be; how there were so many people that you couldn't get away from them; how there was no cell service; and lastly, how there were going to be a ton of celebrities mingling with the all-star line-up. This sounded awful – we were to spend the day in a sea of sweaty drunk fans, surrounded by amazing bands and celebs, but no way to call anyone back home to tell them...

The day turned out to be great though, from start to finish. We got a great parking spot, right next to The Bravery, who were all sporting leather jackets in the 90 degree heat. We had a golf cart entourage to take us to our air-conditioned, So Jealous-themed trailer. We did press and stalked Trent Reznor, peaked in at Arcade Fire after we got our pictures snapped by the "Coachella' photographer. Then we reported to our stage manager at the “Outdoor” stage, 2 hours prior to the show. We were playing right in the middle of the Fiery Furnaces and The Arcade Fire. Basically we were shaking in our boots. As we watched the Fiery Furnaces we saw our first “celeb” sitings. What looked like Casey Affeck, Bijou Phillips, the red head from that 70's show and Jason Lee all appeared in the VIP zone.

Our turn came and we scampered on stage to throw our gear up as fast as we could. The crowd was gathering and getting bigger and soon cheers, geers and hollaring started. I could see Sara was getting nervous and impatient and half way through our sound/line check said, “so should we start? yeah lets start." She announced this to us and we were off and running. The first few songs were bumpy but we made the best of it and after 20 or so minutes I think we found our groove. The wind howled, the monitors rung and the crowd grew. Behind us The Acrade Fire were setting up and the nervousness and insecurity came back. As we started our last song, “Living Room,” I was fully aware of how great the experience had been. So many people, the quickly lowering sun and a great end to our set at this amazing festival. We were through and the night was young. We were soon off to enjoy the rest of the line up. All in all, 4 stars.

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Canadian indie rock duo, formed in 1995 in Calgary, Alberta.

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