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From the depths of the ocean to the vastness of space are places only select groups of people have had the opportunity to experience. For those who are looking for the feelings of awe and wonder these encounters convey there is the music of Terry Oldfield. Terry's gifts translate the enormity and complexity of these emotions to the rest of us through beautifully woven melodies.

Long known for his prolific work in film and TV soundtracks, including the Emmy award nominated National Geographic specials: "Land of the Tiger" and "Twilight of the Dream Time," and his BAFTA nominated "Kingdom of the Ice Bear," Terry's music takes listeners to places one can only envision in dreams.

Terry lives in the Cotswolds, a very picturesque area of England with his wife Rhonda, and two of his five children. In his spare time, he is an avid fly fisherman, plays tennis, and loves taking long walks. He is also learning how to update his website, Music of the Earth

(http://www.terryoldfield.com). It presently contains a news section; discography; photo galleries; sections on his film and TV music; articles, interviews, and reviews; sound bites from his albums; a technical description of his studio; and full descriptions and track listings for his two most recent albums.

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