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Eric Morrison, pianist of experimental pop combo HOME, has enlisted the talents of Jonathan Hammil (French Horn), Eve Juristo (Flute), Catherine Oberg (violin), and Jennifer Morrison (Clarinet) to flesh out his delusional orchestral aspirations. The resulting 100% Storms Ensemble veers wildly from Romantic pomp to minimalist meditation to Baroque flavored math excercises.

The debut full-length "The 100% Storms Ensemble performs the music of Eric D. Morrison" was recorded piecemeal, with each member overdubbing multiple harmonies and counter melodies to create the illusion of full sections. This surrender to the recording process allows the ensemble to expand and contract to whatever size the piece at hand calls for; from the full-scale philharmonic power of the opening track, "2012 Games (Opening Ceremony)", to the tiny molecular dialogue of "Duet in G major".

The CD also contains a bevy of visual stimuli, both inspired by and inspiration for the musical portions. 3 short 16mm films are attached in QuickTime format, as well as links to an unfolding series of web-delivered shorts.

While French Hornist Jonathan Hammil is touring with the Tokyo Philharmonic, the remaining members of the ensemble are collecting new material for a follow up album, and screening the companion films at several galleries in NYC.

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