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The .357s Biography


Jason Burchett - vocals, guitar

Earl Crim - guitar

Brian Osbourne - drums

The .357's have been called a rock-n-roll band at various times in their short musical careers (even by themselves) because quite frankly, you have to be called something. However, if the truth be known, they are not a rock-n-roll band and neither is any other band out there because rock-n-roll is dead. It was crushed by a tidal wave of musical influences shortly after its birth in the 1950's, so lets forget about it already. Like everyone else, the .357's simply do their own thing, even if they're not aware that that is what it is they're doing (Uh, does that make sense?). Anyways, whatever, who cares? The point is that the .357's are releasing a new album called Hours After Dawn on Hello Records and they want you to buy it.

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