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In December of 1998, after a few potent jam sessions, the members of what was to become The Apex Theory realized that they were creating something that simply felt right. With a collective vision as artists, The Apex Theory was formed as a unit in January of 1999 with David on bass, Sammy on drums, Art on guitar/keys, and Andy on vocals/percussion. After two months of seclusion in a North Hollywood studio, they soon played their first show on March 1st at the Troubadour in Hollywood. Instantly, people recognized the immense spirit and drive of these individuals and the energy they were putting forth both on and off stage. With the intensity of their live performances, came an amazing response, which quickly grew and infected itself into a solid and expanding fan base. Headlining and packing shows throughout '99, and proving themselves as a force in the local LA club scene, The Apex Theory have been privileged in opening up for such bands as 'System Of A Down' and 'A Perfect Circle'. Consistently growing as an entity, The Apex Theory evokes a wide array of emotions and continues to captivate crowds. The live show speaks for itself. The overwhelming positive energy received from the fans is greatly appreciated, and much thanks to their families and close friends for their undying support.

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