The Beloved

The Beloved Biography

Members: Jon Marsh, Helena Marsh

Formed in November 1984 when Guy Gausden joined Journey Through, the trio previously formed by Jon Marsh, Steve Waddington and Tim Harvard.

The group renamed itself to "The Beloved" and evolved towards a dance sound quite similar to New Order.

By 1987 the band was reduced to a duo after Harvard and Gausden had left.

After releasing "Happiness" and its sister remix album "Blissed Out" in 1990 they returned in 1992, by which time Waddington had been replaced by Jon's wife: Helena Marsh.

Line ups:

1984 -1987:

Jon Marsh - Steve Waddington - Tim Harvard - Guy Gausden

1987 - 1990:

Jon Marsh - Steve Waddington

1992 - ... :

Jon Marsh - Helena Marsh

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