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The Chills were formed in Dunedin 1980 from the remains of a two year old High School "punk" band named The Same. Initially in The Same, Martin Phillipps was taken on as the guitarist but soon became lead vocalist and then started writing the songs.

Martin’s songs began to outstrip the very rudimentary capabilities of The Same and he formed a new group with Chills co-founder Peter Gutteridge (who had recently been fired from fellow-Dunedin band The Clean). Martin had then (and still does today) a single-minded determination to take quality, original N.Z.-sounding, melodic rock music to the world.

Peter Gutteridge soon left to follow his own musical path. His departure was to be the first of nearly forty other band members who in the last 24 years have played in The Chills. Martin’s requirement of band members over the years has been to meet a standard of musicianship which is necessary to deliver The Chills songs with essential consistent energy in the live arena.

Martin has maintained this difficult ideal through nearly all of the band's twenty incarnations and when it has been missing he has acted and changed the line-up. This determination to maintain a high-powered approach to The Chills live shows stems from the punk rock ethics of Martins musical awakening and from the subsequent proximity to charismatic persons like Chris Knox who drove home how crucial it was to deliver music always with intensity and conviction.

This live energy is the central reason why The Chills are remembered fondly in all of the thirty-nine countries that they have thus far visited on their promotional tours. It is the combination of this AND the consistent quality of their songs which have established The Chills as one of the most well-known New Zealand groups to date - particularly in the U.S.A., U.K. and Europe.

The Chills have had a string of hits over the years and have become a NZ institution with their songs being used on TV shows, commercials, and in movie soundtracks.

The Chills Bio from Discogs

Indie rock band founded in 1980 in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Band members:

Phase 1 (Oct. - Dec. 1980):

Martin Phillipps, gtr/vocs. Peter Gutteridge, gtr/vocs. Alan Haig, drums. Jane Dodd, bass. Rachel Phillipps, keys.

Phase 2 (Jan. - May 1981):

Martin Phillipps, Jane Dodd, Rachel Phillipps, Alan Haig.

Phase 3 (July 1981 - April 1982):

Martin Phillipps. Alan Haig. Fraser Batts, keys. Terry Moore, bass.

Phase 4 (May 1982):

Martin Phillipps. Terry Moore. Martyn Bull, drums. Rachel Phillipps.

Phase 5 (May - Oct. 1982):

Martin Phillipps. Terry Moore. Martyn Bull.

Phase 6 (April - June 1983):

Martin Phillipps. Terry Moore. Martyn Bull. Peter Allison, keys. David Kilgour, gtr.

Phase 7 (June - July 1983):

Martin Phillipps. Terry Moore. Peter Allison. Alan Haig.

Phase 8 (Nov. 1983 - Sept. 1984):

Martin Phillipps. Peter Allison. Alan Haig. Martin Kean, bass.

Phase 9 (Nov. 1984 - Feb. 1986):

Martin Phillipps. Peter Allison. Alan Haig. Terry Moore.

Phase 10 (Nov. 1986 - May 1988):

Martin Phillipps. Caroline Easther, drums. Andrew Todd, keys. Justin Harwood, bass.

Phase 11 (July 1988 - July 1990):

Martin Phillipps. Andrew Todd. Justin Harwood. James Stephenson, bass.

Phase 12 (Nov. 1990 - Jan. 1991):

Martin Phillipps. James Stephenson. Terry Moore. Gillian Dampster, keys.

Phase 13 (June - Aug. 1992):

Martin Phillipps. Terry Moore. Steven Schayer, gtr. Earl Robertson, drums. Lisa Mednick, keys.

Phase 14 (Sept. 1992 - Oct. 1992):

Martin Phillipps. Terry Moore. Steven Schayer. Lisa Mednick. Graig Mason, drums.

Current line up (2014): Martin Phillipps. James Dickson. Oli Wilson. Todd Knudson. Erica Scally.

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