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Uptown Manhattan wake up! It has been almost two years since the Diplomats Diplomatic Immunity detonated and exploded onto the hip-hop music scene. Classics like “Oh Boy” and “Hey Ma” turned Cam’ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana into household names. Not only did they become overnight trendsetters with the inception of masculine pink in hoods across America, their own street lingo and the official Diplomats Sizzurp liquor, but they also put Harlem U.S.A. back on the map with permanence.

After Cam’ron signed to a solo deal with Roc-a-fella Records in 2002, Diplomat Records was created. Like a proud parent Diplomat Records soon gave birth to the Diplomats, a rap movement that was intended to re-route the path hip-hop music was taking. Original members included Jim Jones, Cam’ron, and Freakey Zeekey. Shortly thereafter Juelz Santana was brought into the mix to make for an unstoppable force in the hip-hop world. Like an epidemic, the Diplomats sound quickly spread from New York City to national to international fame. With an arsenal of rhymes and infinite ammunition these lyricists created a new sound in hip-hop and gave center stage back to the sixth borough, Harlem.

On November 23rd, Diplomatic Immunity 2 will be revealed with newly recruited soldiers to defend the frontlines the Diplomats created in the hip-hop game. If you thought the first album was laced with lyrical genius wait until you hear Dipsets weapons of mass destruction in their second installment. The newly enlisted JR Writer, Hell Rell, 40 Cal, and Jha Jha all add their individual spice to the Diplomats tasteful recipe while veterans Cam’ron, Juelz Santana and Jim Jones remind fans why they became fans in the first place. And while the prominent production on the first LP was done by the Heatmakerz who also make four appearances on Diplomatic Immunity 2, the Diplomats also added underground fire from producers like Skitzo, Develop and Stay Getting Productions to name a few.

Although the masterminds behind this musical revolution are all natives of Harlem, Manhattan, the newly added members cover many realms of hip-hop genres. The first lady of the Diplomats, Jha Jha, a Miami native, is the feline amongst this K-9 unit. Although Jha Jha’s flow stems from southern influence she is no stranger to what the streets in other cities like New York, Chicago and Detroit want to rock to. Being the only female of the Diplomats is a challenge that Jha Jha takes on full force with the grace of a lady and lyrics of a fierce leader. “I bring a little sexy twist to the Diplomats” says Jha Jha. Check out track #6 “Get From Around Me” on the Diplomats second LP Diplomatic Immunity 2, to hear an example of Jha Jha’s rugged flow.

While the Bronx native, JR Writer’s, one-on-one demeanor is quit introverted, his on-camera and stage presence resemble nothing of the same. JR Writer’s flow quickly grabs the attention of any listener and his cleaver lyrics exude a sort of surprising confidence. He has made appearances on underground mixtapes with the Diplomats on songs like “Shake” with Cam’ron but this time around he gets an entire track to confirm his ill lyrical skills. His tracks on the Diplomats second LP Diplomatic Immunity 2 gives the spotlight to JR Writer as he secures his spot as a member of the Diplomats with the poise of a first-round draft pick. JR Writer brings a strong, silent-type, personality to the Diplomats, which leaves plenty of room for true lyrical maximizing.

Hell Rell has a little more experience with the Diplomats then the other member’s do. He was down when the Diplomats first started. Now after doing a bid or two, Hell Rell is ready to expose his lyrical expertise and streetwise antics. Although the streets taught Hell Rell the in’s and out’s of making money he has transferred that energy from the concrete to the recording studio. An example of his energy transfer is Track #6 “Wouldn’t you like to be a gangsta too?” on Diplomatic Immunity 2. Hell Rell explains what he brings to the Diplomats, “…you know I’m from the bottom so I’m bringing that bottom music back to the game”.

Finally, 40Cal caters to the younger crowd. 40Cal spit lyrical venom alongside Jim Jones on tracks previously released on underground mix tapes. On their new release Diplomatic Immunity 2, 40Cal does his thing on Track #10, “40 Shots”. Now, while establishing his credibility as a member of the Diplomats, he still sharpens his skills by taking part in battles. In his own words he defines his role saying, “40Cal aint nothin’ to be fucked with.” The Diplomats have become an unstoppable movement in hip-hop music. Although their grandstand approach is often overshadowed by their “underdog” status, the Diplomats know what style of music they want to release. The Diplomat soldiers’ pasts combined with their futures make the ingredients needed to cook up hard-core beats with lethal lyrics and everyone is eating it up. Track #3 on Diplomatic Immunity 2 summarizes the Diplomats stance with the lyrics “…we’re the truth, we’re the proof, get use to this!”

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