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THE ESCAPE CLUB are pleased to announce the unveiling of their official website: The site, which launched on Monday, September 17th features a full discography, bio, photos, video clips and much, much more.

The late 80s, pre-grunge era found radio saturated with cotton candy vocalists and guitar-based hair bands. Listeners were tired of the same ole, same ole and craving something a little more substantial. Enter THE ESCAPE CLUB.

THE ESCAPE CLUB, originating in the UK, ironically made a name for themselves with the release of the song "Wild, Wild West" (from the album of the same name) which flew to number 1 in the US before anyone in the band had ever set foot on American soil. THE ESCAPE CLUB filled a void in America, with well-crafted songs, often featuring a signature dance-rock beat, and always thoughtful lyrics. THE ESCAPE CLUB’s songs reflected the sentiments of a generation.

The success of the band’s "Wild, Wild West" single was nothing in comparison to the public reaction to the release of the song "I'll Be There," from their second album Dollars and Sex, which was written in memoriam of a friend of the band’s wife. The song, which still receives its fair share of airplay, struck a chord with individuals across the country who had recently lost loved ones. Letters began pouring in, thanking THE ESCAPE CLUB for helping them. It was a completely unpredictable and simply touching response.

In total, the band released two top 10 ("Wild, Wild West" and "I'll Be There") and three top 40 ("Walking Through Walls," "Shake for the Sheik" and "Call it Poison") hits between Wild, Wild West and Dollars and Sex. THE ESCAPE CLUB never officially broke up, but by 1992 they had drifted apart so much that it was mutually agreed that they were no longer a band. Lead singer Trevor Steel and Guitarist John Holliday, who had been the core songwriting team of the band continued to work together writing, producing and remixing artists including Sting, Bahamen, Louise, Stella Soleil, and Anita Spring. The two have also found time to put hours in on their musical collaboration, CLOUD 10 which intertwines compelling vocals and electronic music in songs which land somewhere between the electronica and popular music realms.

So why make their presence known on the web now?

Says Trevor: "We noticed that there seemed to be interest in the band when we surfed the web – people asking what happened to us, etc. plus a couple of sites devoted to our song 'I'll Be There.' We thought it was about time that we had a place where people could gather more information about the band as well as have a dialogue with us."

The website promises to offer what no other web locale does, a completely band overseen look at THE ESCAPE CLUB which merges the members’ experiences with those of the fans. Not to mention some rad games!

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Trevor Steel, John Holliday, Johnnie Christo, Milan Zekavica

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