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    The Eye Biography

    +++ SOUND +++

    EYE = eclectic hard-edged electronica that is a vehicle for uncompromising, challenging, original and thought-provoking content.

    Musically, EYE has evolved from raw industrialish constructs, to incorporate aspects of acid, jungle, trance, punk, metal, trip-hop, gothic, dub, drum and bass and rock. The following diverse list of bands have been used by reviewers to describe the EYE sound at various times: Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Pop Will Eat Itself, Negativland, Laibach, Snog, Devo, Autechre, the Tea Party, KMFDM, Sheep on Drugs, Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Midnight Oil.

    +++ HISTORY +++

    EYE was born in late 1991 and for many years was a lo-fi 4-track project. However, the Room 101 studio eventually became quite impressive - outfitted with lots of nice shiney music gear. Between 1993 and 1999 EYE released several mail-order cassettes, CDR albums and tracks on over 20 international compilation CDs. EYE also composed and perfomed soundtracks for several theatre productions.

    +++ ôPolitics can be Fun - Volume 1ö CD +++

    The debut factory-pressed EYE CD ôPolitics can be Fun - Volume 1ö was released in mid-1999 via ôBlatant Propaganda Productionsö. This led to EYEÆs first adventures outside underground networks, towards mainstream music media.

    While the CD receives rave reviews and extensive support from community radio stations, even featuring as ôalbum of the weekö on 4ZZZ-FM Brisbane, the Australian government's national youth radio station, JJJ, said it was ô...too political... too controversial...ö for them to play and has blacklisted it. They were particularly concerned by the "guest vocals" of various Australian politicians.

    +++ The e.l.f. +++

    The ôe.l.f.ö sibling project (formerly known as æayaÆ) was born in 1996 after EYE member J. Citizen #1 played in the Canberra Clan Analogue group ôStoatö at the Sydney Big Day Out festival. The e.l.f. highlights the instrumental electronica-dance material that emits from the Room 101 studio.

    +++ WEB-SITE +++

    For lots of suppressed info, sound files, & purchasing details please see the official web-site:


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