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T'was in the late fifties when the Flamingos were born to the music scene with a velvet sound of harmonies that seemed to flow like the chant of a thousand strings. They caressed the hearts of millions with such harmonious renditions as "I'll Be Home", "Lovers Never Say Goodbye" and "I Only Have Eyes For You."

Zeke and Jake Carey, those inseparable cousins that created and directed the Flamingos since their beginning, decided upon a new dimension as they approached the threshold of a new era, so often referred to as the Dancing Sixties. During this era the Flamingos exploded with such up-tempo hits as "Nobody Loves Me Like You Do", "Dealin' (Groovin' With The Feeling')" and the creation of one of the biggest dances of all time, "The Boogaloo", for which they wrote and recorded their smash, "Boogaloo Party".

Unlike most popular groups, the Flamingos have always entertained in a broad spectrum. Their engagements have never been limited to a few select clubs, ballrooms or theaters. They can command the vast rock audiences of a Madison Square Garden, soothe the elite taste of gourmet crowds in a Las Vegas, entertain the finger-snapping, soul-shaking crowds of a Harlem Theater, or capture the happy hearts in the Concert Halls of Harvard. The Flamingos never bore their audiences with sameness or monotonous sounds of any one type of music. They believe in serving a well-balanced musical gourmet prepared from a variety of hit recordings, popular standards and the current top hits of the day.

Musically self-contained, the very entertaining Flamingos represent a complete and totally different experience whether on record or in person. One must not conclude that he has become aware of them simply because he possesses a catalog of their many recordings. Nor can one proclaim the same because he has seen several of their personal appearances. One must get totally involved with the Flamingos and carefully listen to their many varieties of recordings and experience the different moods they are capable of creating. Then and only then can one fully understand why millions around the globe so often refer to the Flamingos as one of the greatest groups of all times, for they are truly "A Musical Phenomenon".

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The Flamingos were an Doo-wop, R & B vocal group, formed in 1951 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Over the years, group members have included Zeke Carey, Jake Carey, Paul Wilson, Johnny Carter, Earl Lewis, Sollie McElroy, Nate Nelson, Tommy Hunt, and Terry Johnson.

Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 (Performer).

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