The Happenings Biography

The Happenings were a pop music group that originated in the 1960s.

Originally known as "The Four Graduates", the band changed their name following their signing to B.T. Puppy Records.

Members of the original group, created in 1965, all hailed from Paterson, New Jersey and consisted of Bob Miranda, David Libert, Tom Giuliano and Ralph DiVito. In 1968, DiVito was replaced by Bernie LaPorta. Lenny Conforti also joined at this time to play drums in the touring band. Both LaPorta and Conforti took a hiatus from the Northern New Jersey band The Emerald Experience to play and tour with The Happenings. The band continued in this present configuration, performing mostly at colleges and universities until 1970, when Libert left the band to pursue other endeavors within the music industry.

The band still exists and continues to perform with lead singer Miranda as the only remaining original member.

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