The Jordanaires Biography

An American vocal group from Springfield, Missouri, formed in 1948. Best known for their recordings with Elvis Presley.

Current line-up:

Gordon Stoker (1st tenor /manager, 1950-present)

Ray Walker (bass, 1958-present)

Louis Nunley (baritone, 1999-present)

Curtis Young (2nd tenor, 2000-present)

Former members:

Bill Matthews (1st tenor, 1948-1951)

Bob Hubbard (2nd tenor, 1948-1952)

Monty Matthews (baritone, 1948-1952)

Culley Holt (bass, 1948-1954)

Bob Money (piano, 1948-1950/1952)

Don Bruce (1st tenor, 1952-1953)

Hoyt Hawkins (baritone, 1952-1982)

Neal Matthews, Jr. (2nd tenor, 1953-2000)

Hugh Jarrett (bass, 1954-1958)

Duane West (baritone, 1982-1999)

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