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Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar, David Diamond, Lead Guitar, Mister Zero, Keyboards, Sonny Keyes, Drums Max Styles. Formed in Vancouver and Oakville,Ontario, The Kings played clubs and rehearsed for more than three years before signing with Elektra Records in 1980. They had met producer Bob(Pink Floyd)Ezrin at a studio in Toronto and he liked what he heard. The songs This Beat Goes On/Switchin' to Glide did well for the band and were voted one of the top hundred songs of the decade by Album Network magazine. The album The Kings ARE HERE was a favorite all over North America. Their second album Amazon Beach did not fare as well. Next came an EP (RSVP)on Capitol Canada that contains the great Christmas tune This Christmas. After that the band slugged it out in the clubs and in the 90's put out Unstoppable which showed they were still at the top of their form. As of 1999 there has been good news for fans of The Kings because ARE HERE has finally been re-released on CD. Put out through Warner Canada it is available through any of the major net retailers( for example)and is also showing up in stores in the US and all over Canada. Also Griffin Music of Chicago has issued The Kings PARTY LIVE IN '85 which is a ripping raunchy live set of all the favorites and some surprizes. This one is also available on the net but not in stores in Canada as yet.

Fans of The Kings can reach the band through e-mail at They would love to hear from you.

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