The Kingsmen Biography

Garage rock band from Portland, Oregon, United States formed in 1959. Best known for their 1963 recording of Richard Berry's "Louie Louie". Composer Berry sold the rights to his famous song for $750 in 1959. "Louie Louie" was recorded in one take for a one hour session that cost $36.


Mike Mitchell (1959-present)

Dick Peterson (1963-present)

Steve Peterson (1988-present)

Todd McPherson (1992-present)

Dennis Mitchell (2006-present)

Past members:

Lynn Easton (1959-1967)

Jack Ely (1959-1963)

Bob Nordby (1959-1963)

Don Gallucci (1962-1963)

Gary Abbott (1962-1963)

Norm Sundholm (1963-1967)

Barry Curtis (1963-2005)

Kerry Magness (1966-1967)

J.C. Reick (1966-1967)

Turley Richards (1967)

Pete Borg (1967)

Jeff Beals (1967-1968)

Steve Friedson (1967-1973)

Yank Barry (1968-1970)

Fred Dennis (1972-1984)

Andy Parypa (1982-1984)

Kim Nicklaus (1982-1984)

Marc Willett (1984-1992)

Keith Blake (1994-1999)

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