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“The Hombre's...powerful” - Russ Seeger

Few that have crossed paths with The Last Hombres would deny this statement.

It's a "sum is greater than its parts — a whole larger than the pieces" type of equation.

Buddy Cage, pedal steel wizard for New Riders of the Purple Sage has joined them both live and in the studio. Rick Danko invited the Hombres on stage to play behind him in their early days. When, through these connections, Levon Helm became a drummer on a recording session, he decided to take the ride for awhile. They then had a legacy of sorts, a foundation to stand on. Three writers with different perspectives hanging together dreams, poetry, stories, hard life observations...and bringing them into the group mind — what became known as "the process." Trust the process, they would remind each other...the raw ingredients presented to the group, force fed, pushed out the other side...

After releasing the well received Redemption on Koch Records, the Hombres toured with Levon playing legendary clubs ( Johnny D's, Stephen Talkhouse, Mercury Lounge) and live radio shows (Sirius Xm, World Cafe, WFUV NY). When that ran its course, Levon decided to stay close to home and develop a series of celebrated barn parties (aka the Midnight Ramble).

Hombres co-founder/songwriter Paul Schmitz joined him there. Guitarist/songwriter Russ Seeger continued to play constantly, becoming a local fixture and in-demand guitar slinger.

Mike Meehan brought his bass playing to alt-country fixtures the Welldiggers and released Back In Exile as Hombre Jones. Paul put out an album as the Low Rollers and Russ answered with Live in Peace. All became friends and musical collaborators with one Chris James, a multi instrumental threat and killer vocalist with a solid-as-a-rock demeanor. But it would take another force of nature to get all these Hombres back in a room making music together.

That force of nature would be one Tom Ryan; a fierce drummer, writer, DJ, and general raconteur. Organizing a benefit for a fellow musician under his New York Roots Music Association umbrella, Tom asked the Last Hombres to reunite for a short set. He seemed the natural choice to sit in the drum seat. After some quick rehearsals the band found themselves on stage together for the first time in eight or so years, and it was...powerful.

Soon Tom's newly built home, with its New Orleans inspired architecture, became a workshop/gathering place/rehearsal studio....with authentic southern hospitality and cuisine served out by Nola native Heidy Ryan. With a backlog of powerful material..literate roots rock, surrealistic alt-country, dusk colored ragtime gypsy ballads ... they began the process...torch welding the spare parts into a larger whole...

Not wanting to lose the vibe of “the bunker”, the band reconvened in the highly regarded One East Studios in New York City and recorded live, where they could watch each other's hands, eyeball to eyeball while the machines ran... Produced by Yohei Goto and mastered by the legendary Scott Hull at Masterdisk, the result is a diverse and powerful collection of 13 new songs, henceforth known as Odd Fellows’ Rest .

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