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The Mitchells Biography

The Mitchells are a veteran indie rock band based in Northampton, Massachusetts (launching point of Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh, Scud Mountain Boys, Pernice Brothers). Crafting pop songs out of off-kilter, sparring guitars, drums & vocals, they have garnered comparisons to The Wedding Present, Joy Division, Television,and Spoon.

Since the band's inception in 1994, they have been found playing in crowded wood sheds, on 18-wheeler flatbeds, and in more traditional venues ranging throughout the Northeast. They have shared bills with Throwing Muses, Versus, Crooked Fingers and The Faint. Over 12 years, The Mitchells have honed their sound through a series of self produced cassettes, 7" singles and full-length CDs.

"Slow Gears" is their third CD, and second release on Pigeon Records (Spouse, Mark Schwaber, Dennis Crommett). Lead singer Caleb Wetmore also plays bass for New Radiant Storm King.

This record features The Mitchells at their distorted, up-tempo best, but also finds new open atmospheric moments to break up the layers of guitar buzz. It was recorded in bursts of late night sessions at the fabled Slaughterhouse Studios, Hadley, MA.

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