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Face it: Marc Bolan is dead, Gary Glitter is running from the police and Slade, The Sweet, and the Heartbreakers sure as hell are not headed for a reunion anytime soon. What is needed is another glitter-speckled voice for the 21st century glam platform.

Enter THE NICE BOYS, with their tribal pounding drums, cutting guitar chords, mind-scarring melodies and perfect hair. Arising from Portland’s legendary bands The Exploding Hearts and The Riffs, the Nice Boys are electric warriors for the now glam aesthetic.

Featuring Terry Six (frontman/guitar hero/vocals), Gabe Lageson, (guitar/vocals), Colin Jarrell (bass/vocals), Alan Mansfield (drums), and Brian Lelko (keys). It’s straight-ahead-stadium-rock-glam, led by a three-vocal attack, with amazing hooks. Their sound is full and huge.

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