The Panda Band

The Panda Band Biography

Damian Crosbie – vocals & guitar
David Namour - bass
Steve Callan – keys, synth & samples
Chris Callan – guitar & backing vocals
Gabriel Nicotra - drums

Yes, it is a bear, but it’s also a great band from Australia. More specifically, Perth Western Australia lovingly referred to in song as their sleepy little deathtoll town and suitably famous as the most isolated city on the planet. Isolated it may be, but it’s also a prolific hub of new music with The Panda Band at the forefront.

The Panda Band could be best described as art-tech-indie-pop. Art: because of their crafty arrangements – tech: because they play with effects, keys and samples – indie: because they are in the drivers seat – pop: because they are big on catchy, layered melodies and sing-a-long bits. You could also throw ironic, vaudevillian, intelligent and addictive into the adjective stew but at this point we’ll hand it over to the press...

“Picture this if you can. The kind of rock and roll circus music the Beatles gave us in songs like ‘I’m Fixing A Hole’. Throw in theatrical Scary Monsters era David Bowie. Add quirky pre-True Colours Split Enz and some Sleepy Jackson and Flaming Lips. Then you have an idea what Perth’s The Panda Band have on offer here. An avalanche of ideas, neatly packaged into songs. Memorable melodic hooks. Dark , psychedelic lyrics. It’s quite a package. I can’t wait for more. It’s some of the most intelligent, original, unpredictable, bizarrely fascinating music I’ve heard in some time.” (Ed Nimmervoll – Music Australia Guide)

“A surreal, swirling and eclectic mix of instrumentation and melodies. Flaming Lips and Modest Mouse eccentricity blended with the classic harmonies and quirk of Sgt Peppers-era Beatles.” (Bronwyn Thompson - Rolling Stone Australia)

The Panda Band’s debut album This Vital Chapter is in stores now on Filter US Recordings..

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