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The Reivers were a unique band in a number of ways.

First, there was a certain musical chemistry among the

musicians that permeated all their songs. You could

hear in the music that they really enjoyed what they

were doing and clicked as a band. There was a

refreshing lack of pretension in the sound they created

on album and in performances. These were people you

felt you could walk up to on the street and talk to.

Second, they put to good use unusual vocal

arrangements. The interplay of John Croslin's and Kim

Longacre's voices on songs such as "Freight Train Rain", and "Blue Eyes" with Kim

singing melody lines- in effect, using her voice as an instrument, was dynamic.

Throughout its existence, the band included: John Croslin- main songwriter, vocalist,

guitars; Kim Longacre- vocals, guitars; Cindy Toth- bass, violin; and Garrett Williams-

drums. The Reivers' first incarnation, Zeitgeist, emerged from Austin, TX with an E.P. on db

Recs in 1984. Releasing the full-length album "Translate Slowly" the next year, they began

to build a sizeable audience. In mid-1987 they were forced to change their name by "some

new age band" which claimed the copyright. Choosing the name "The Reivers" (pronounced

Reever, meaning Thieves or Raiders- from the Scottish "Reiffar") from the title of a William

Faulkner novel, they continued recording. "Translate Slowly" was later reissued with the

new name on cd with bonus tracks.

Their second album also came out in 1987. Called "Saturday", it showed a marked maturity

in the sound and songwriting. 1989 saw the release "End of the Day". "Pop Beloved", which

would prove to be The Reivers' final album, came out in 1991. They played their final show

at Austin's Cannibal Club later in the year. The road during the band's career had been a

rocky one. In the Austin Chronicle article found in the articles section of this site, Ken

Lieck writes "The record business troubles that plagued Zeitgeist/The Reivers from day

one are legend in themselves.... what is mostly important is that circumstances led the group

to an early breakup and Croslin far from the urge to start another band."

(text copyright Rob Caldwell)

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