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The Secret Handshake is the musical project of Luis Dubuc. A self taught musician, Luis has loved music ever since he was a child. "I didn't know it was abnormal to dance in front of the mirror to Michael Jackson at 8," he laughs, "but I just loved the music." The pop influences are obvious today. Luis writes everything for The Secret Handshake in his room - alone with just his Wurlitzer piano and Apple computer. With one listen you can tell this band stands out from other emo tinged electronic music - The Secret Handshake's got heart and soul.

In November 2004, The Secret Handshake announced his first self released full length "Antarctica". The single, "The Glitch", was featured on a Drive Thru Records/Purevolume Compilation titled "Bands You Need to Know" which recieved worldwide distribution. Less than a year later, The Secret Handshake released an EP entitled "This is Bigger Than You and I" on Doll House Recordings. The EP received worldwide distribution and is available on iTunes.

For his next record, Luis has been working closely with producer Cory Kildruff from the Rise, and has written over 20 exciting new demos. When he's not working on the new album, he's been busy touring nationally - playing to new fans from California to Canada. He adds a full band to the live show, and they'll turn any rock show into a dance party.

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