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The Slumber Party Girls are:

Lina Carattini
Karla Deras
Caroline Ferguson-Scott
Mallory Low
Cassie Scerbo

What do you get when you take equal parts youth, energy, talent, sass and style? United as one, you get a multi talented, multi-ethnic musical melting pot with a single name: The Slumber Party Girls.

SPG is an unprecedented, all-new entertainment brand from Geffen Records and DIC Entertainment (DIC) for ‘tween’ and teens set to unleash a triple threat entertainment revolution of singing, dancing, and acting on radios and televisions across the nation.

Sassy but not yet sexy, SPG are five diverse young women who seamlessly blend together to form a musical mélange on SPG -- The Slumber Party Girls – Dance Revolution, the group’s October Geffen Records debut. Dance Revolution crosses all cultural boundaries with nods to hip-hop, R&B, rock, salsa, reggae, and, of course, irresistibly danceable pop – all with a positive message for America’s youth set to a soundtrack of beats bound for boomin’ systems everywhere.

Along with Dance Revolution, SPG also showcase their diverse talents on KOL’s Secret Slumber Party on CBS, a collaboration between DIC, AOL’s KOL kids site and CBS. In addition to hosting the block, SPG is the house band for the highly-anticipated dance competition series, “Dance Revolution!,” which was inspired by the hit video game franchise from Konami. The group is appearing on 26 half-hour episodes of “Dance Revolution!” and features in 76 interstitials airing this season throughout the block to promote active and healthy lifestyles for the teen and ‘tween’ set.

SPG is the fruition if an exhaustive search across the U.S. – finding impressive talent with uplifting attitudes and burgeoning cuteness who can sing, dance, and act is no easy task – and SPG’s five unique personalities reflect a diverse marriage culled from Los Angeles to Long Island. Co-producer and Chairman, Geffen Records, & President, A&M/Interscope Records Ron Fair, known for discovering such impressive songstresses like Christina Aguilera, and Stefanie Ridel (ex-Wild Orchid), seized the opportunity to work and grow with these five young ladies currently taking the entertainment world by storm. SPG’s distinct mix of musical landscapes and dance-pop sensibility is the result of the following multi-ethnic slumber party:

“Selena is my mentor,” says Lina Carattini. “She’s always been my inspiration. I sing in Spanish as well, so when I discovered her, I fell in love with music. If it wasn’t for her, I would have never picked up a microphone.” Somewhat shy but sweet as pie, Lina is the resident spicy Latina. The half Puerto Rican, half African-American hails from the Midwest, where she once was the duchess of the Miss Puerto Rico of Northwest Indiana. She is embracing her position in SPG as not only the sassy salsa shaker, but as a positive role model for the group’s newfound fans. “As girls, we need to be good role models for the kids out there,” says Lina. “I think we are that. We are letting the kids know to just be yourselves. Don’t go out there and be someone else. Be yourself and let it flow.”

“If I don’t look good, I don’t feel good,” says Karla Deras. “My mom always taught me that. I love dressing up.” Dressed to nine’s at all times, Karla is California native and a self-described “goofball” of Mexican and El Salvadorian descent. In addition to singing, dancing, and acting, this ambitious teen with a Latin swagger has dreams of being a restaurateur and a fashion designer as side dishes to her impending pop stardom. Within SPG, she carries the mic on the hip-hop and R&B side of the group. As the most grown-up member (she’s already amassed a wicked shoe collection), Karla adds a ladylike element to the eclectic personalities of the group. “We all have charisma,” she says of SPG. “All together it gives off an amazing vibe.”

“I’m definitely a rock girl,” says Caroline. “Like Gwen Stefani. I love her attitude, her style, and her music.” Caroline is the easy going girl-next-door type, an old-fashioned Southern Belle hailing from Memphis who collects theater Playbills and is a sucker for classic rock. With a flair for the theatrical, it’s no surprise her favorite band is Queen. Caroline has acted in independent films and grew up showcasing her classical voice in musicals and gospel choirs. SPG provides an ideal vehicle for the way she rolls. “I love the positive imagery we project,” she says. “We not out there in mid-drifts and short shorts. It’s fun to be just sassy and young.”

“This group blends really well,” says Mallory Low. “You cant have a group and have one person trying to be a soloist. We’re all different races but it all just blends.” A tough talking Asian with a soulful voice, Mallory, an L.A. native, counts herself as an ethnic mix of Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, and Filipino and brings a wallop of street cred to SPG. She has held down regular gigs on Nickelodeon’s Just for Kicks and ER prior to SPG but her first love is R&B. She counts Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and even Etta James as influences on her soaring singing voice. “I eat, dream, and sleep singing,” she says. “I cant even put my passion into words. It’s just a feeling you have to have.”

“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve sung, danced, and acted,” says Cassie Scerbo. “This group spells out my name!” Cassie hails from Long Island, N.Y., where her Italian family raised her as a determined and confident superstar. She’s the girly-girl of the group, all decked out in pinks and high-heels, sporting a rhinestoned Sidekick 3 and a fierce collection of handbags. Cassie divided her childhood between soccer and a hip-hop dance company, but has now settled into SPG where she has become the resident M.C. It was a perfect fit. “There’s nobody like SPG,” she says. “We’re all completely different. Since America is a huge melting pot, everyone will have someone to look up to. We have such great chemistry. In three weeks, we recorded 11 songs and learned 8 dance routines. In a normal group, that would take five months. We just bonded from the first day and because we are all so different, we mesh perfectly.”

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