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The Tourists Biography

The Tourists are a band from the suburbs of west Houston.

They create music with combined influences from Weezer to Brian Eno.

The members are as follows:

0- Hunter Curra - Bass guitar, main vocals, and nose flute

0- Neal Aronson - Lead guitar, backing vocals, and feedback processing

0- Tyler Shultz - Empty acustic kettle banging and crashing noises (Drums)

The band started when Hunter, Neal, Arthur Pinsoff, and Chris Curra got together to go out for the Stratford High School talent show, and seriously failed while covering Alice in Chains songs. Aftermath, Chris left the band as the vocalist and Hunter took over. Jason Malley was porated as the bassist. Together with their original music they were able to win second place in the Stratford High School

Battle of the Bands. While struggleing through names such as Manta, the Carz, the Flying Feet, and finally "Jason and the Tourists" which proved to be sort of fortelling of the bands future. After Battle of the Bands the band split up loosing Arthur to his solo projects and Jason to a band Hunter and him were subbing in for ,"Pheonix Down" which went nowhere. Hunter left "Pheonix Down" for lack of ceative interest. The remaining members of "Jason and the Tourists", Hunter and Neal struggled on writing songs and looking for a new drummer. Hunter took up bass and in the midst of 4 or 5 months later (Begining of junior year) Neal and Hunter deigned to jam with Hunters Childhood buddy Tyler Shults who had been in the percussion seccion of the school band and a "Closet" wild drummer. Tyler worked perfeclty with the band and soon they were practicing on a regular basis in hopes of making the school talent show and showing everybody the true talent of the Tourists (Neal and Hunter decided to drop the "Jason" in the name). After failing to make the talent show for reasons unknown to them

The Tourists played at various parties and their schools Chili Cookoff. Then failed to pull off a good show at the Battle of the Bands for technical reasons the band slowed down and stopped practicing. Then marking the begining of the 2000 summer the Tourists sparked up again and played at "Instant Karma" and "Surfside Sally's". They hold plans to play at many other clubs bay the end of the summer and all their senior year.

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