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From Paris, France now residing in Austin, TX, The Wyldz plays its own distinctive and engaging Rock n’ Roll that draws inspiration from some of the greatest musical artists of the 1960s and 70s yet does so with a contemporary flair that feels utterly invigorating.

The Wyldz recorded their second full-length American album at Electrical Audio studio, Chicago with Steve Albini in January 2015. “We wanted to record ‘Interstellar Troubadours’ on tape to capture the Live (experience) and the warmth, as if you are in the room with us” explains Oliv- drums. Having recorded 12 songs in just six days, The Wyldz are now more ready than ever to share their music. “For us, music is about sharing,” declares Mitch- vocals/bass. “We like to share the riches we feel from playing Rock n’ Roll with our listeners.”

The start of their sharing process begins with each other during rehearsal. The Wyldz begin each day with a “jam” style improvisation. “It gives us a natural freedom of expression, a natural alchemy,” says Alex- guitars. On stage, the trio exudes energy and harmony that breaks down this invisible screen between artist & fan to create a Oneness with their audience.

The choice for the single “Let it Go” lies inside their message. “Let it Go is the key to open the gate,” tells Mitch. “Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, You can always go further, as an Interstellar Troubadour.” Mixed for radio by Mark Needham, “Let it Go” is the anthem for the new generation of Rock n’Roll. Let It Go Official Lyric Video

“One of INTERSTELLAR TROUBADOURS strengths is that as well as being a full on rock album there is variety and skill in the song sequencing and increasing maturity in the song writing. If you want to blow the dust off your hi-fi speakers this is the album for you. 'Interstellar Troubadours' has it all, wonderful guitar riffs, sublime bass and up front hard hitting drums. From classic rock to sonic rock ballads this has it all. -Highly Recommended” / All Access Magazine

“It is obvious that these guys are the real deal,” declares Beyond Magazine. “The Wyldz are a breath of fresh air and are genuinely devoted to soon become the next big thing. Given how quickly they’ve already begun making their mark in America, the stage is set for The Wyldz to ascend to and make their indelible mark on today's popular music.”

Let the revolution begin.

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