Thompson Twins

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Formed in 1977 in Sheffield and London by Tom Bailey and the two guitarists John Roog and Peter Dodd with drmmer Chris Bell (3) joining soon afterwards after some line-up changes. They arrived in London and self-released their debut single "Squares And Triangles" in 1980. After their debut album they recruited The Soft Boys's bassist Matthew Seligman and New Zealand saxophonist Alannah Currie and their septet was in full gear with Joe Leeway. After they completed their third album John Roog and Peter Dodd left the group and formed the short lived act Big View as well as Matthew Seligman that went on as a session musician (for The Waterboys, David Bowie etc.) As a trio Thompson Twins reached their commercial peak with their "Into The Gap" album and the five singles that spawned, managing to conquer the american market as well. Joe Leeway went solo in 1986 and the group continued as a duo releasing three more albums. The band released eight albums in total. In 1993, Bailey and Currie started the electronic project Babble.

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