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For all those Intrigued by the concept of Hood Economics here it is:

Hood Economics: [HooD Ek-uh-nom-iks, Ee-kuh-]:~ Understanding the economic situation you as an individual are surrounded by and using it to your advantage to create the absolute best situation for yourself thus inspiring and motivating others in your community to do the same. (Inspired by Adams Smith ‘s Wealth of Nations)

Hood Economics is more than a theory it’s an autonomous way of life. Those who understand it were already living by it way before I defined it. Those who don’t never will.

*Takes a deep breath* I’m Tinie Tempah South East London born musician nurtured by the Grime Scene, discovered from the Grime Scene. I’ve scored Music for Video Games (WipeOut Pure, PSP) Performed all over the U.K including the Prestigious O2 Wireless festival & Notting Hill Carnival, Participated In major corporate events including Orange’s RockCorps project alongside Alex Zane & Busta Rhymes and numerous anti Knife/Gun crime charity events, received reviews by The New York Times, The Guardian, Playboy Magazine NYC to name a few, Featured on MTV’s Spanking new music, Featured on tracks with everyone from M.I.A to Jay Sean, Sway, Chipmunk, Ironik Wiley etc, Freestyled for Tim Westwood, had A- List play listed tracks on Kiss, Choice, 1Xtra, Galaxy, been mentioned by some of the U.K’s Top Bloggers (Chantell Fiddy, Dj Semtex, Channel 4), all my Videos are on the LEFT all my Gig dates are ABOVE. Phew! I’m out of Breath stay tuned to this MySpace & my all new exciting blog www.tinietempah.com for updates on every single move I make!

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