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Tinted Windows are: Taylor Hanson (lead vocals), James Iha (guitar), Adam Schlesinger (bass) and Bun E. Carlos (drums). Taylor Hanson is best known as the lead singer of Hanson, the multi-million-selling trio of brothers who have been recording and touring since 1992. James Iha was one of the original members of the multi-platinum Smashing Pumpkins, Adam Schlesinger is best known for founding the gold-selling band Fountans of Wayne and Ivy. Bun E. Carlos is the original drummer of the legendary and multi-platinum Cheap Trick. Taylor and Adam first crossed paths in the mid-Nineties. "Ever since we met, Taylor and I had talked about trying to do something together," says Schlesinger, "maybe write some songs, or play some shows- something." Meanwhile, James and Adam had been collaborating on various projects for years. When discussing possible drummers to round out the group, they thought, "Who do we know that can play drums like Bun E. Carlos?" before realizing the obvious. After listening to a few demos Bun E. was on board. Explains Bun E., "The songs are great and I'm honored to be a part of Tinted Windows." Fusing the sounds of power-pop, rock and New Wave of the late 70's and early 80's, with the more modern rock and pop sounds of their own groups, the result is a fun, stripped-down, high-energy record that doesn't really sound like anything else any of the four has done elsewhere. Meet Tinted Windows.

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