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Born Thomas Jones Woodward, June 7, 1940, Pontypridd, Wales. "Tiger Tom The Twisting Teddy-Boy", first recorded in 1962 under the name, "Tommy Scott & The Senators". 4 demo tracks, infamously known as the 'bathroom session', were recorded at the Wales YMCA. In 1963, as "Tommy Scott & The Playboys", recorded 7 demo's for the Innovative Joe Meek, at Meek's UK apt. In 1964, the then "Tommy Scott & The Squires", met Gordon Mills, who became Tom's manager from 1964-1986. Riding off the coat-tail of the Academy Award winning Albert Finney movie, Mills, made the career decision to change Tom's stage name, to "Tom Jones" by simply dropping his birth surname. Mills then penned & scored the first of many trans-atlantic top 10 hits with "It's Not Unusual". By the end of the 1960s, "Jones The Voice" was a top 5 all-time Las Vegas headliner, and had his own record-breaking networked US TV show, "This Is Tom Jones"(1969-1971). Though his record sales tailed off during the mid-1970s, peaking with his only US #1, 1971 "She's A Lady", he remained a huge draw as a live performer right through the 70s and 80s (and up to the present day, indeed.) In 1987, he returned to the UK and quickly re-established himself as a recording artist when the typically bombastic "A Boy From Nowhere" (from the unstaged musical "Matador") reached # 2, and the following year made his 'comeback' as we know it by, collaborating with The Art Of Noise on Prince's "Kiss". A top 40 for TJ worldwide & MTV award winner! As a 'Rocker' first & foremast, he has continued to include dance-styled material in his repertoire, alongside a diverse range of other musical styles. The decade of the 90's showed TJ's versatility via collaborations with nearly everyone in the biz, culminating with 1999 "Reload", going #1(UK) in both 1999 & 2000, awarding it 'album of the year'. Arguably not TJ's 'best' career LP, it is his biggest selling to date & this feat was without any US sales as it was never released in the USA due to collaborating artists copyright restrictions. Now, in his mid-70's, he remains a thoroughly contemporary entertainer with enduring popularity, retaining the vocal ability & God-given raw power that made him a true 'super-star' in the first place. In 2006, "Sir" Tom was knighted. 1 of only 9 to date. After nearly 60 years of marriage to 1 woman, Lady Melinda Rose Woodward passed away in April, 2016(RIP). Survived by 1 Son, Mr. Mark Woodward, who has been managing his Father since 1986.

Respected & admired by artists & musicians from all genres & eras, including & most importantly, ELVIS 'The King' PRESLEY! Tom Jones is the most successful single artist to emerge from the 'British Invasion' & is only surpassed by The Beatles. With worldwide sales topping 400 million & counting, Tom Jones ranks among the top 10 biggest selling artists of all-time & is a bonafide Rock/Pop/Vocal Legend!

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