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    Tomahawk Biography

    Tomahawk is a four piece rock band consisting of Duane Denison, Mike Patton, Kevin Rutmanis, and John Stanier. All of the aforementioned have been recording and touring for years in various rock outfits and in a wide variety of collaborative guises. This album reflects the first recorded work of their collective talents. Tomahawk was founded by Denison and Patton in early 2000. After 10 years of touring and recording with The Jesus Lizard (and numerous studio projects with a variety of locals including Ken Vandermark, Sally Timms, Jim O'Rourke, etc.) guitarist Denison was living in Nashville, Tennessee where his skill and versatility had landed him a job as lead guitarist with Hank Williams III. After witnessing a Mr. Bungle show in Nashville, Denison was introduced to Patton, whose list of lead vocal jobs include the aformentioned Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, Peeping Tom as well as the late Faith No More and numerous others. The two professed an interest in each other's work, and soon tapes were being exchanged in the mail... The dynamic duo soon realized that in order to achieve their rock vision, others were needed. Denison enlisted the former Helmet drummer John Stanier, an old friend whose swing and power on the drums he'd long admired. Stanier, aka DJ Big Bad John, quickly accepted the offer and soon tapes were exchanged in the mail... Not to be outdone, Patton enlisted bassist (and former halfway house employee) Kevin Rutmanis, whose low frequency rumblings had powered the Cows and Melvins across vast stretches of space and time. With the lineup now complete, rehearsals were expeditiously carried out. The album itself was recorded in Nashville during May/June of '01 by Joe Funderburk, whose production credits include Jerry Reed, Emmylou Harris, The Judds, and many local combos of all types. The album was recorded and mixed in 2½ weeks of spilled drinks, shouting, BBQ, and veiled threats. We hope you like it.

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