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    Torn Biography

    "...Rock-solid drumming, growling bass, and double-barreled distortion...", "lung- powered sorrow-tinged vocals", "one of those voices quaking over with power and emotion..."

    These are a few of the comments being used to describe "torn". Throbbing bass lines, solid drumming, crushing rhythm guitars and etherial leads mix together to make up what has been called "a noisy groove-monster catharsis". On top on it all is the powerful yet melodic voice of Carter.

    "torn" got it's start back in 1994 when Carter and a group of local musicians got together and started jamming in a church basement. Within a few months they had written and started recording in March '95, their first cd, "Solitude". However, during recording, spiritual and creative differences brought about the end of the "band". But not the end of "torn". Carter stayed and finished mixing the album. Sitting on the master for over a year, the cd was finally released in October of 1996. The independent effort was well received by fans and press alike. Along with a new band including Mike Davidson and Brian Banks, "torn" played in support of the album through 1997.

    Fast forward to 1999. "torn" re-released their indie on Ionic Records and re-titled it "tree". Within a month of being released, the single "drowning" came out of nowhere and had reached the #1 spot on both the progressive rock and the loud charts at KADU The Rock. In September 1999, "drowning" hit #1 on the Progressive Airplay Journal's loud chart and peaked at #13 on Jamsline's overall progressive rock chart. The album recieved tremendous response from critics and fans. "torn" rounded out 1999 by being voted the "#1 Breakthrough Loud Artist of 1999" by the PAJ in their year-end voting. "torn" was also honored to be voted the "#2 Loud Artist of 1999" in the PAJ's People's Choice voting.

    With 5 years past since the recording of "tree", "torn" looks forward to putting into practice 5 years of maturing spiritually and musically. Stay tuned, there's much more to come from "the BIG band with the little "t".

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