U.S. Crush

U.S. Crush Biography

Denny Lake: Vocals

Hodgie Haynes: Guitar

Dave Hanson: Guitar

Ky Lambert: Bass

Dennis Wolfe: Drums

Introducing U.S. Crush ? the first addition to the newly-joined Immortal and Virgin Records roster. "Our music is rock that comes from a punk background," says vocalist/songwriter Denny Lake, "but weÆre not scared to make melody and harmony important elements of the mix." Electrified by the talents of Hodgie Haynes and Dave Hanson on guitar, Ky Lambert on bass and Dennis Wolfe on drums, U.S. Crush blends melodic hard rock with galvanizing riff-rock and punk attitude, creating one of the yearÆs most promising debuts.

In their previous musical endeavors, the band flirted with melody but were more inspired by the 200-beats-per-minute steamroll of hardcore and punk. Then they met producer Jim Pratt. "Jim told us, æDonÆt be scared to slow things down a little bit, but donÆt lose the punk - just find a niche and try not to sound like everybody else.Æ" Of all the things U.S. Crush wanted from its sound, "sac" was the most essential. "We wanted tough, ballsy riffs, cool harmonies and a raw edge - while staying true to our Southern California roots."

And so, in 1997, the devastating yet distinguished crunch of U.S. Crush was born. Inspired by the tradition of early FM radio, nurtured by meteoric punk, and singed by the turbulent rage-rock of the 90Æs, the band created the perfect musical gestalt, a brilliant mosaic of artistic sensibilities and fired-up personalities. The lead-off track and first single, "Bleed," has an addictive urgency in the riff that blasts into a sweet, soaring chorus. LakeÆs Johnny Lydon-style vocals fuel "Debutante," while the instantly memorable chorus and groove of "Same Old Story" showcases the bandÆs trademark harmonies. The chugging rhythm section, overdriven bridge and in-your-face delivery of "Loser" complement the classic riffs and magical hooks of "Jimmie Crack Rock." Equally infectious tracks round out an album of great depth.

On April 11th U.S. CrushÆs self-titled debut will be released on Immortal/Virgin Records. U.S. Crush (produced by Jim Pratt, recorded and mixed by David Bianco) merges vibrant state-of-the-art technology with an old school analog flavor. "We wanted to add elements of our influences to the songs to make us feel like we were one of our favorite bands, and I think it worked," says Lake. "This is our time to make it happen and weÆre just really ready for this. I always knew this band has what it takes and now that weÆre in the right situation with the right people, there will be no stopping us."

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