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    Vroom Biography

    Vroom was formed in December of 1995 by John Johnson, Jim Kellaris, Nate Foutz, and Tim Seay. The members all went to school together, with the exception of Tim, for most of their lives.

    In September of 1997, Vroom recorded 8 songs for a self released EP entitled "Things Not to Do". This EP was recorded by Kevin 131 in Vienna, VA. This EP is currently available through the Vroom web site.

    There is not much to be said about the early history of the band. They played along the East coast almost every weekend, and ended up playing about 60 shows in both 1998 and 1999 in support of "Things not to Do."

    In 1998, Jim left the band, and was replaced by Jason. In 1999, Jason left the band to get married and was replaced by Micah, who died from a bizarre gardening accident in mid 2000. The band is currently playing shows with a new bass player named Ron.

    In the past year, Vroom has played with Good Charlotte(Epic Records) in Annapolis, MD, and at the T.L.A in Philadelphia with GC and Mest(Maverick Records). They have also played with Ulitmate Fakebook(Sony 550) and the Alkaline Trio recently. The band was also featured earlier this year at a festival, sponsored by E.M.I., called Next Fest 2000.

    In January of 2000, after about a 6 month break from playing shows, Vroom recorded 12 songs with John Mark Painter in Nashville, TN for an album entitled "Throws Like a Girl." Painter has worked with other artistis such as Ben Folds Five, William Shatner and Jewel. He is also in the group Fleming and John.

    In early January, Conrad from Decapolis.com visited Virginia and worked on pre-production with the band. This consisted of changing some arrangements so that the songs flowed better. On January 12, 2000, the band went to Nashville to start recording.

    The album was recorded in 10 days, between lunch and dinner at the same terrible Mexican Restaurant at which John Painter insisted on eating. Due to the recent death of a bass player, John Painter played bass on the album. Adam Sullivan from the band Fischer's Folly (ffolly.com) played piano on one song. Conrad from Decapolis.com came to Nashville and gave appreciated advice on drum tone, guitar tone, and some lyrics.

    Recording the drums was frequently interrupted by John Painter showing Tim and John all of his great Jackie Chan DVD's. There was even a point where John Painter left the mic. on in the control room, so that Nate(he was waiting in the drum room to start recording) could hear Painter, John, and Tim all laughing at Jackie Chan. Needless to say, Nate was irritated. Perhaps this explains the loud crashes in all the slow parts on Nervous.

    On another note, over the first 7 days in Nashville, the hotel room that the band stayed in had a leaky sink. Due to the lack of quality of the hotel, no one saw any good reason to complain. After a week, the entire floor was wet, along with the floor in the hallway. On the seventh day, the hotel needed to be renewed, and the band was confronted by a disgruntled hotel worker saying, "i remember you guys, you trashed room 237." His comments were greeted by laughter and relief because now the band was forced to get out of the worst hotel in Nashville without feeling bad about spending an extra ten dollars a night.

    "Throws Like a Girl" was released in April by Decapolis.com Records, however the band has no furthur obligation to the record label...but they are still highly active in the events at decapolis.com. This album is available through the decapolis.com web site, and various other independant stores.

    Currently the band is playing shows on the east coast, but a national tour is in the works. The band has plans to be on Bon Jovi's upcoming tour, but for some reason, Jon hasnt returned their phone calls.

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