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Wakefield hail from the suburbs of Maryland. While Ryan Escolopio (vocals/guitar), former Good Charlotte drummer Aaron Escolopio, J.D. Tennyson (guitar), and Mike Schoolden (bass) had perfected their own bratty blend of pop-punk and post-grunge by around 2000, Wakefield's went deeper. Tennyson and Ryan Escolopio became fast friends while still attending high school, bonding over Slipknot, Green Day, and the Police. Wakefield was born shortly before high school graduation, and a deal with Arista followed.

The boys from Maryland took time out of their busy schedules to make ARTISTdirect a mixtape!

J.D. Tennyson (guitar) chose:

1. Jellyfish - "Joining A Fanclub"
"It’s probably the most well put together song I’ve ever heard as far as songwriting--from the lyrics to the pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, key change. I think it's one of the most well rounded song I’ve heard. It rocks and it’s pretty all at the same time."

2. Jimmy Gnecco and Brian May – “Someone To Die For”
"One of the best new songs I’ve heard on the Spider Man 2 soundtrack. I love this song because Jimmy Gnecco has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. And Brian May for being a genius on guitar, knowing too many chords and putting them all together!"

3. The Beatles - "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"
"We kinda stole the tempo change idea that they use in that song. It was really cool how somehow the song flowed, but it was two totally different tempos.”

Ryan Escolopio (vocals/guitars) chose:

4. Elvis Costello - "Pump It Up"
"Because it is very energetic and probably one of the most energetic songs that Elvis has ever put out. And it really pumps me up when I hear it."

5. Queen - "Someone To Love"
" Because every time I hear that song in my car, it’s probably the loudest I ever sing in my car by myself."

6. Green Day - "Longview"
"The first song I saw on MTV that I really liked and it wasn’t a rap song. It kinda got me into rock ‘n roll and punk rock."

Mike Schoolden (bass) chose:

7. The Beach Boys - "God Only Knows"
"Well, really, anything by the Beach Boys, you can name any song from their whole catalog. I'm blown away by how they produce all the harmonies and Brian Wilson is a genius."

8. Queen - "Death On Two Legs”
"I'm choosing this song, because it was the first song I learned on piano."

9. Tears For Fears - "Head Over Heels"
"It’s pretty pop and pretty overplayed, but it stuck out with me and it's the first song I learned on guitar.."

Aaron Escolopio (drums) chose:

10. Led Zeppelin - "Heartbreaker"
"It made me realize the work of John Bonham and the different drumming styles there are. I heard it for the first time right around the time I started playing drums."

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